About Us


 Our mission is simple, bring people together by sharing experiences, products, and gear that makes us successful on the water or in the field.  We want to share reviews of products and gear that have been tested by our own pinche people, with our own pinche money.  Using innovative products with the most efficient practicality enable us to do what we love the most, fishing, hunting and being outdoors. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, our mission is to even the playing field by sharing quality products that will allow all outdoor enthusiasts to achieve the experience they are aiming for.

Ben Davila Co-Founder

Killeen/Fort Hood, Central Texas. 




Chris Minton Co-Founder

North Padre Island, Corpus Christi. Texas. 


Two technical gear junkies that spend all day and night casting for trout from a skinny water boat, chasing bass on a yak, covered in camo in the fields hunting dove, working upland retrieving dogs, outfitting vehicles, boats, kayaks, & sups. In our spare time we research what we love which inspired us to make this company.  A company that sold quality American made and sourced products that would last forever and be able to stand up to what an outdoorsman has to endure to get the job done.